Collaborative Results

City architecture and innovations
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  • Urban Design
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  • Innovation & Creativity
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  • Value Management
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VUSA Collaborative is a Partnership initiated by Jonathan Edkins (Professional Architect & Project Manager) and Dr Bev Edkins (Economist and Social Scientist).

VUSA is a service and development company, specialising in Architecture and related professional services, and catalytic property, land and building strategies and developments within the urban setting.

Collaborates with other progressive and creative firms to generate exciting proactive and reactive opportunities centred on city growth, great architecture and cultural cohesion. 

The objective of the company is to provide a platform for creative solutions to 21st Century challenges, in a way which enables each contributor to “make a difference”, and so generate success and social wealth, with a natural outcome of profit.

Mission Statement: 

We make a positive  difference for the future of society within the areas of our influence and expertise, drawing on individual talents, knowledge and skills to collaborate and focus inputs to achieve measurable results, leading to profit.

Business Philosophy:

Flexibility (can adapt to a changing environment); Robustness (Non-dependent); Self-organization (swarm intelligence).

Business Principles:

Profit as a result of Pleasure; Enjoyment breeds Success; Measurement of outcomes and not time; Wealth as a holistic concept, not related to money.

Philosophical Approach:

Making a Difference; Architects as City Leaders; City Development Focus; Integrated Architectural Disciplines; Transformation and Development.

Business Approach:
- Collaborative
- Pragmatism
- Covering all bases
- Realistic Fees and Charges
- Low overheads
- Integrated electronic systems
- Efficient recovery and charging systems
- Working Meetings
- People Centred \ Consultative

Business Methodology:
- Collaborative relationships:
- Multiple interactions / partnerships,- Shared knowledge
- open book transactions
- reduced risk
- win / win imperative

Core Advantages: 

Experience, Knowledge, Creativity:
- Integrated Architecture
- Management to Delivery
- City Design and City Strategy
- Creative R&D
- Value Management
- Inspirational and Aspirational Workshops and Presentations